Volume 3 – Inhalt

  1. Sergem
    Keeping the Deities at the Altar and making an Offering to them

    mp3-Demo anhören

  2. Kuladeva & Dharati — Calling the Spirits
    Kuladeva – The Family Spirits of Myingmar
    Dharati – The Spirits of the Middle World

  3. Akash & Patal*
    Calling the Spirits of the Upper and the Lower World

  4. Dharati Puja*
    Healing the Mother Earth with Nagas, Jungali, Shikari

  5. Jharphuk
    Healing Songs for several different Diseases with many different Shamanic Mandalas and Techniques
    5 Jharphuk I*
    6 Jharphuk II*

    mp3-Demo anhören

*without drums

Playtime 73:21